New Surfing Mag Lightbox

New Surfing Mag Lightbox

As always, the crew at Surfing Mag have assembled an amazing collection of imagery…check it out!





Actually really surprised to find out I somehow managed to win the 2013 Transworld Business Surf Photographer Exposure Meter! So blessed to have such a supportive family and to get to work with an incredible crew at Surfing magazine and Globe. Thanks for everything and God Bless–DJ

TCCC isn’t just for Special Operations or SWAT…It could save YOUR life

Thank you North American Rescue (NAR)-
I became acquainted with them thru friends in the Special Forces…Short version is that they were founded by an Air Force Pararescue Jumper (PJ) who saw a need for cutting edge practical medical equipment for the tactical environment. I continue to see a need for advanced medical capabilities on my surfing and freediving (action sports in general) trips to third world destinations and NAR’s kit was the best out there so I reached out (cold call). Turns out their founder is a huge action sports fan and thru my contact I was just invited last week to participate in a Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course–sure, it was geared towards the tactical operator, and we aren’t typically confronted with bullet and blast trauma, but trauma is trauma and the crossover to the types of injuries action sports athletes might see in remote locations is obvious. I found the class and products to be extremely useful and I think athletes and photographers could really stand to benefit by preparing its athletes to travel with a bit more medical prep than band aids and condoms : ) No first aid class could ever duplicate the stress I faced or the skills I learned to cope with major trauma and get somebody home or stable enough to evacuate to a hospital.

Jonah’s Last Hurrah…

Not too many 5 year olds spend their last day of summer before starting kindergarten 25 miles offshore, but mine did : ) Excellent instruction from Ren Chapman of Evolve Freediving