After a lengthy 3 week journey through Australia for the new Globe surf film, I am finally home and back online.  I have never been to a first world country with such limited cell phone and internet access as I encountered on the west coast of Australia.  Currently, I am working with photographers Logan Mock-Bunting, my partner in Eyeconic, and Scott Marshall to put together a exhibit for the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher.  As part of putting together images for the display, I got to free-dive the Cape Fear Shoals exhibit to photograph some of its residents!  It was an incredible experience to dive in such pristine water, with no boat ride or current and only have to dive to 25 feet.  The best part was watching my two year old son Jonah freak out on the other side of the glass when he saw “Daddy dive with the Sharks!!!”


2 thoughts on “swallowed…almost

  1. Stoked you got in the tank at the aquarium. I bet you guys scored some sick photos. Not sure if you are interested, or know about it, since you just got back in country, but there is a freediving group forming in town. Just had its’ third meeting today. It’s being run by Ashley Futral and Ren Chapman. I don’t know all the details since this was the first meeting I could get to, but Ryan Mcinnis is handleing the online forum access for the group so if you email him i’m sure he can fill you in. If you don’t already know him or have his email i’m sure you can reach him through his website: insea.tv. Or you can email me and i’ll find out for you if you want. The more the merrier.

  2. Really admire your work and freediving skills. I used to work at Fort Fisher State Recreation Area, needless to say I spent a lot of time at the Aquarium. That must have been an incredible experience. I am very jealous!

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