Gotta Have It!

Suunto D4i Black – Suunto.

In light of recent events, I feel like its important to highlight safety in freediving…No piece of equipment can ‘keep you safe’ or even comprehensive training like that provided by Evolve FreeDiving , PFI or Freediving Instructors (which I HIGHLY recommend!) guarantees that you won’t make a dumb decision.  However, combining these tools will definitely help you manage the inherent risks of the sport and hopefully help you enjoy it for a lifetime!  I believe that a good freedive computer is essential to safe diving.  Not only does it give you a depth gauge, but most importantly, it helps you manage your surface intervals and dive profiles to slow you down and make sure you are getting proper recovery cycles.  As a bonus, it also logs all your dives so you can review them after the day and get a better understanding of your diving skills.  I have been diving with the Suunto D4 for the past 3 years and other than the inconvenience and expense of having to send it to Finland for battery changes, it has proven itself in all conditions and never had a malfunction.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.


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